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Monday, March 3, 2014

Sam Edelman Jayden overview

For the longest time, I did not want to post this outfit. It is forever burned into my memory as the outfit I wore on the day Toni was killed. Every single day without him is hard, some days easier than others, but all heart stoppingly gut wrenchingly painful. I have played so many varying what if scenarios, a thousand times over and over and over in my brain, each one with the ultimate outcome that Toni would have lived if maybe I had taken this course of action instead of that.

But it is the tragedy of life that we cannot tell. It is the tragedy of life that a microscopically different course of action, one of a thousand different micro decisions made during the day,  could have a shatteringly different result.

In honor of Toni, the show goes on..

Sweater, Jeans, Top Via Macys; Sunnies : Armani Xchange Via Ross seen here
Bracelet: Swatch, thrifted seen here
Handbag: thrifted; Shoes: Sam Edelman Jayden Via 6pm ; Earrings : Amritha Singh Via Ross;

While we're on the subject of Silver, how gorgeous is her outfit and hers?