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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tis the season to wear Red!

Ain't no denying it. Red is my favorite color. Wearing Red makes me happy. Wearing a whole lotta Red makes me a whole lot happier.

Red Jeans, Red shoes, Red print T, Red bag, Red lipstick.

Did I happen to mention Red is my favorite color?

Jeans: Inc Via Macy's; Shoes: Pierre Darre Via YOOX; Handbag: GJL Via YOOX


As the title of the blog suggests, it is about finding compassion in fashion. About trying to find my sense of style without resorting to using animal products (Love you Stella McCartney!). Like every other woman out there, it is a constant challenge trying to remain true to my goals.

I have pretty much eliminated using makeup and skincare that have been tested on animals. I have always been a vegetarian.

Which leaves handbags and shoes.

I looked long and hard to find a suitably stylish bag that was not real leather. I happened to stumble on this gorgeous GJL(George J Love) bag quite by accident. The picture does not do justice to the bright fire engine red of the bag. That it was on sale, was the icing on the cake.

Shoes are still my Achilles heel. This Pierre Darre is, Iam sorry to say,  real leather. I absolutely love the shoe. It is fantastically well made and so comfortable, it feels like Iam walking on a cloud. But I cannot wear it without a sense of guilt.

Now when Iam tempted to buy a leather product, one look at the picture below is enough to dissuade me. Most of the time at least. But more about that in another post.