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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kathryn Ruemmler - A woman in a man's world

Let me start out by saying that this is primarily a fashion blog, not a political one. All references made to political persona are for the purposes of fashion only.

One of my favorite websites is the White House Photo Stream. She doesn't know it of course but, it was none other than Hillary Clinton herself, that sold me on the beauty of the Givenchy Antigona bag. But I digress.

I was looking at the picture below and was struck by how very strong and feminine White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler (extreme left) looked in this picture. In a  room dominated by Grey, Beige and Black she stood out.

And not just because she wore color,

but because she wore Pink!

And not your muted pastels either, but ...wait for it...

P-E-P-T-O   B-I-S-M-O-L   P-I-N-K!

It takes a very strong, very confident woman to do that.

Kudos Ms. Ruemmler.

As someone who works in high end technology, where teams of 65 and more, have maybe 1 or 2 women, I totally get the raw guts it takes, to wear a color that practically begs people to stereotype you.

It takes ovaries of steel (see what I did there?) to stray from the beaten path in terms of sartorial preference.

I have myself had to rein in my penchant for bright vivid colors, and tone down my workplace wardrobe to be  taken seriously by the person in charge, usually but not necessarily, a man.

Wearing polka dots and pink, I have often been singled out for being in charge of getting coffee or having documents photocopied by new members of the team, who have yet to know me and whose thought process relegates my role to clerical duties, based on nothing more than the first impression formed from my choice of attire. 

With more women taking on traditional men's roles, here's hoping the ultra elegant Ms Ruemmler's look heralds a new era, where a woman can dress more like...........

you know............

A Woman.

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