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Sunday, June 2, 2013

J. Renee Brinda Review

Jacket Top : Macys, Skirt : Not sure where from, I've had it in my closet forever, Shoes : J.Renee Brinda Via 6pm, Earrings : From Kodaikanal during my honeymoon many moons ago ;)
The teal and green shades on the dress and shoes are far more vibrant than shown. For some reason, the colors become dull and muted here.

J.Renee Brinda Pumps Review

Long on beauty, short on comfort. Seriously, a shoe with a 2.5 inch heel has no business being uncomfortable, but this one somehow does it. The shoe really cuts into the foot in the middle. Since the material is vegan, I don't expect it will expand with wear. Which is a pity, since it is remarkably well made and rather unique. If you have narrow to semi narrow feet, this may still work for you.