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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Channelling my inner Wilhelmina Slater

For the longest time, I have been meaning to make a blog post dedicated to my personal on screen fashion inspiration - the one and only Wilhelmina Slater (from Ugly Betty).

 I continued to follow the series, a very long time after losing interest in the main story line, only to see what Vanessa Williams was wearing. Her fashion statement was so powerful and classic, that years after the show ended, she continues to embody understated elegance, class and high fashion. Every time I put together an outfit, I always ask myself

"Would Wilhelmina wear this?"

Sweater, Blouse via (the now defunct MJR Sales), Cream pants via Macys, Lace Up Shoes - Palazzo Brucciato Via YOOX

Palazzo Brucciato review

Long on quality, short on comfort. Definitely need to size up a couple of sizes. I wouldn't call it a must buy, but since cream booties are hard to find, this is one the few that comes close to an ivory color.