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Sunday, January 27, 2013

RSVP Deana Review

I love blue and white floral prints. So when the weather turned out perfect for a summer day (In January no less!) how could I resist?


Heel to platform ratio
Less than 3 inches
 My shoe size 
6.5 M/W
Neither big nor small, the sizing is just off. Fits ok at the toe and then for some mysterious reason, really widens at the ankle. It's hard to walk fast without having the shoe slipping off.
The lowdown
It is not very well made, but for the price probably a good bargain, especially if you are in a rush to find a "something blue".
If you are looking for that one cobalt blue shoe to liven up your closet, you may want to keep looking. The RSVP Deana gets 5/5 for looks and 2/5 for construction.