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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A letter to the women of India.

This is in reference to the horrific gang rape in Delhi.

For 5000 years, you have depended on your men folk, your warriors, your Government and the Police to protect you. For 5000 years, you have been raped, burned alive, attacked with acid, gambled away like property, killed at birth and married off before puberty.

What is it going to take, for you to realize that your safety is in your own hands? You have the freedom, the education, the money (thanks to the economy) ,the instruments to protect yourself (thanks to technology) .

You do not need to look to others for your safety. Invest in the things that are going to protect you.

1) Pepper sprays that can fend off an attacker at ranges of 40 feet

2) Tasers that can send them a shock wave of 50,000 volts for brief seconds (enough time to immobilize him) and allow you to get away.

3) If you are a mother, rather than send your daughter to music and dance lessons, send her to Karate, Judo and other self defense classes, that she can use throughout her life.

Iam not saying any of this is inexpensive. Personal safety does not come cheap. But that fancy cell phone, is not going to help you, when you most need help. An ordinary cell phone would be just as helpful, and far less expensive.

It is time for you to shed the victim mentality and protect yourself . Start looking inward rather than outward for your protection and safety!

 Feeling helpless will only increase the power your attackers have over you.  Always remember, at the end of the day, there is only one person in the world, who truly understands you and can protect you from harm.

 And that is YOU!