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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Poetic License Street Chic review

Charter Club top and Braided collar necklace from Macys. Poetic license "Street Chic" from SexyShoeBuy by way of 

I love how the pleats in the blouse match with those in the shoes. Hey a little matchy matchy once in a way is a good thing right... Right ?

Also available in these colors

Heel to platform ratio

3 inches

 My shoe size 

6.5 M/W


Its a little narrow in the toe box. I recommend sizing up a half or full size and wearing with inserts.

The lowdown

Quite comfortable for all day wear, as long as you're not on your feet the whole time. The colors are as shown in the picture, although the red is a muted red and not quite as vibrant. The fabric does not chafe the ankles as one might imagine.


A very unique shoe without a doubt.