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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Google employees really think of Android

A colleague of mine recently wrote an important email to a potential lucrative customer. Being a lawyer, she signed off the email with the following statement

 "If you will give me a chance, I would love to handle your brief" 

Or at least that's what she thought she had written. In reality her email read

 "If you will give me a chance, I would love to handle your briefs"

That's right folks, briefs not brief. One little 's' that changed the tone of the whole email. When she horrifiedly realized her mistake, she tried to recall the email, but it was too late.
Spell check would never have caught this since briefs is a legit word.

 Recently a fellow fashion blogger, committed an equally embarrassing flub. One that Iam not even sure she has realized at the time of my writing this article. In a post titled "What's in my bag?", Krystal Bick writes that her bag contains (among other things) her Android phone

"My other left arm. Can't function with it!" 

Mildly funny? Sure

Her real opinion of her phone? Maybe

What makes the irony so mouth wateringly scrumptiously delicious is that Miss Bick is a paid blogger for Google! That's right folks!

The very same company that has created and is aggressively promoting the Android Operating System.

Seriously? WTF?

If your livelihood depends on a company whose product is openly fighting a (losing ?) battle with a waaayyyyyyy more popular product, wouldn't you want to read and re-read any and all lines that you write about said product, in a very public forum?

Seriously? WTF? Oh wait, I already said that.

Lest the lovely Ms Bick, read this blog and correct it before (or even after) it is published, here is a screen shot of the way it originally was. On cyberspace, blogs may come and blogs may go, but typos are for ever.