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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Retaining your identity in a world of mass production

Havent posted here in quite a while and it certainly wasn't for lack of new things to share :) But I have been growing increasingly disillusioned with our world of mass production, where no matter what you buy, there are at least a few thousands of others with the exact same product.

Which led me to think, in an increasingly standardized world, how does one put one's personal stamp of identity when it comes to sartorial expression? How do you take a product churned out from a factory (probably in China) and make it your own?

While having something custom created, is still the best choice, the sheer cost of such an endeavor renders it out of reach for most people including me. So I settled for adding individual tweaks and slight alterations where, while there may still be several others that look similar to what I have, there is none that looks exactly the same.

Case in point these black DV gladiators from Macys. When I bought them, they looked like this

This is a little too goth for me, so I got some white satin ribbon for $1.65 from Walmart and voila!

If you have been following my posts, you already know how much I love the black and white color combo. I simply LOVE the sassy look of the ribbons not to mention the way, the loose ends swing around my ankles when walking.

So my readers, don't let yourself be pigeon holed into what some distant manufacturer in some distant land thinks you ought to look like. Let your freak flag fly :)