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Friday, June 11, 2010

Iam now officially a bag hag

I hate to admit it! But there it is. After over 400 handbags and still counting, lets face it folks, Iam now a bag hag *SIGH*

Everyone has an Achilles spot and mine is handbags. I just ordered three of them from the Macys website and couldn't wait to share them

Bag 1 is by Ed Hardy, who although I dont much care for most items in this line, some of them have an irresistible fascination for me.

Presenting Exhibit 1, regularly priced at $78, on sale for $37.99. I mean seriously what was I going to do? Pass it on?

I love the bright summery feel of the bag, and I must be going through my multi color phase because I also recently ordered these from the UrbanOG website.

I was initially thinking of pairing the bag with the shoe, but now I'm not sure sure? What do you think folks? Yay or Nay?

Ooookayyyy, so I got the shoes yesterday and may I say. Ammaaaazzzzziiiing! It is my new most favourite shoe. Pinches a little at the toes, bu I need to grow into it. Here 's a (not so good quality) picture. (I'll try and get a better one next time I wear it) I paired the shoe with a bag that I thought goes with it and kept the rest of my look simple. Lemme know what you think.

Presenting Exhibit No 2.

This yummylicious bag is from Rampage. It was originally $98, now on sale for $35.99. I love the gold detailing on the sides. Will post pictures of actual bag when I get it.

Planning on wearing these with my ABSOLUTELY delish black and gold shoes, from UrbanOG.

Its so classic and edgy Iam toally in love with this shoe!

Exhibit Number three
Nine West, originally $78, on sale for $26.99. Plus with free shipping !

I love the Ikat like print on the bag. Ikat has to be my favorite design of all time. It's something to do with the harmony in which colors and patterns mrge into one another on an Ikat print.

So anyway, now begins the long wait for the package to arrive.

So what do you think readers? Cant wait to hear your responses.

Got the Nine West bag today and may I say what a disappointment!

It looks nice until you touch it and then it's like ewwwww. Now I'm all for cruelty free bags. If there were no animals killed or hurt to make a product, more power to them. But honestly its not that hard to make a cruelty free bag that also feels nice to the touch. The material, the handles everything screams CHEAP! Back it goes. Which, I suppose, is the nicest thing about ordering from a website that also has a brick and mortar store. Off to my Macys store today. Bye bye bag!