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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another day, another shoe

Red is my Kryptonite. It is all so clear now. I could be looking at a bag, shoe even a piece of furniture and thinking "Could that thing be any uglier?"

Just paint it Red, and I'm slobbering all over it. On the plus side of course, many studies show that women who prefer Red are Bold, Confident and Ready to take on the world. Ok so, I googled "women love red confident study" and only read those links that supported my theory :)

So this website (for the uninitiated they are the online outlet mall for the much pricier has these absolutely gorgeous shoes right?

And they just happen to be Red, right?

So I look at them and I think what do I need another pair of Red shoes for right?

I ordered them right away. Well, not exactly right away, but I slept on it (for weeks I might add. So I do show restraint every so often). Anyways here they are.

My only beef is the name (Pleaser anyone? Ugh!). But it makes perfect sense when you look at the other stripper type shoes they carry.

So I got my shoes today and may I say "Thank you, Pleaser!". Drop dead gorgeous and comfortable to boot!

Here's me in them

That 's the bag I'm going to pair it with. And before you go all "And you call yourself an animal lover!" on me, let me tell you that I got the bag on Ebay for like 5 bucks including shipping! So of course I wasn't exactly expecting to see an all leather bag. Hmph!

It was brown when I got it, so of course I had to paint it Red and Voila! Here's some more pics

And now can you guess what I'm dying for? Your opinion of course !

"Mirror Mirror on the wall, do you even like it at all?"