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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A nod to my Indian heritage

I don't know why I haven't done this before. But with all the beautiful Indian clothes in my closet, it was only a matter of time, before there was a post of me in Indian wear

Monday, August 8, 2016

I'm back...Did you miss me?

So I traded sun n sand for lakes and mountains. Found a place, settled in and what dy'a know, the more things change the more they stay the same  :)

Dress : INC from Macy's, Sunnies: Ray-Bans, Earrings: Lucky Brand, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, Bag: ALDO Outline floral bag 

I love everything about this outfit. It's summery, forgiving and in my favorite color Red! The bag has a lovely summery vibe and apparently Iam not the only one who likes it!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Roper shoes review

Like everything else in the universe, change has come into my life as well. Swift and breath taking. My future posts will no longer be all sun and sand.

It will be about changes in season, lakes and mountains.

As Elphaba says in the song "Defying Gravity" from the hit Broadway show Wicked

Something has changed within me 
Something is not the same
 I'm through with playing by the rules 
Of someone else's game 

Too late for second-guessing 
Too late to go back to sleep
 It's time to trust my instincts 
Close my eyes and leap!

It's time to try Defying gravity
I think I'll try Defying gravity 
And you can't pull me down!

2014 has been a tumultuous year so far.  I have trusted my instincts and leaped. I too have tried defying gravity.

In fashion as in life, stepping out of one's comfort zone is essential to avoid getting stuck in a rut. This blazer is a step in that direction.....

Bracelet, Blazer Via Macy's; Capris / Top/Sunglasses Via Ross; Earrings : Amritha Singh; Shoes : Roper Via 6PM; Handbag : Moo Joo Ken Via Ebay

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sam Edelman Jayden Part 2

The silver oxfords are hands down my favorite pair of shoes. With that kinda bling on your feet, who's gonna notice that you skipped the makeup?
 On a completely unrelated note, how noble and beautiful are banyan trees!

Jacket, Jeans Via Macy's; Shoes : Sam Edelman Jayden Via 6pm; Sunnies, top, necklace Via Ross, Earrings  Via Forever21.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sam Edelman Jayden overview

For the longest time, I did not want to post this outfit. It is forever burned into my memory as the outfit I wore on the day Toni was killed. Every single day without him is hard, some days easier than others, but all heart stoppingly gut wrenchingly painful. I have played so many varying what if scenarios, a thousand times over and over and over in my brain, each one with the ultimate outcome that Toni would have lived if maybe I had taken this course of action instead of that.

But it is the tragedy of life that we cannot tell. It is the tragedy of life that a microscopically different course of action, one of a thousand different micro decisions made during the day,  could have a shatteringly different result.

In honor of Toni, the show goes on..

Sweater, Jeans, Top Via Macys; Sunnies : Armani Xchange Via Ross seen here
Bracelet: Swatch, thrifted seen here
Handbag: thrifted; Shoes: Sam Edelman Jayden Via 6pm ; Earrings : Amritha Singh Via Ross;

While we're on the subject of Silver, how gorgeous is her outfit and hers?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Diary of a travelling dog

Day 1 of trip

That was a great ride. But....

And then we got to the airport...

I'm flying yeahhhhhhhhhhh.........

Day 2 of trip

Which reminds me...

And later....

And still later...

And then back to the hotel...

And that finished Day 2

Day 3. Going back home.

And my favorite part of the trip....

Until it got old...

Really old....

At long last, the weary traveler sighted land....

On second thoughts...

On terra firma, the more firma the less terra...

Back home....

And finally...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

RIP Sweet Toni - Sep 2006 - Jan 5 2014

Toni passed away last Sunday. 

Sweet Toni, you may have been my very first cat, but there has been none and there will never be one like you. I will love you always and forever.

Wait for me by the Rainbow Bridge, my precious!

I wrote the following story when Toni was 8 months old....

This is a story of how one little ball of fur changed my life....

Its hard to know where to begin...My world changed precisely on Sep 15 2006. I still remember the moment. It was about 11 PM. The rest of household was asleep. I was up watching Law & Order , my obsession compulsion of the moment. The front door is all glass and in peeped a little black and white kitty face . The neighborhood I live in teems with cats and I was in the habit of chasing them away anytime I saw them. Needless to say cats did not rank up high on my list of God 's wonderful creatures. But there was something about this little face that made me want to stay and look at it. I guess it was, that like most other cats he didn't run away. he was too new to this world to understand all the evil in it.

Fast forward 3 weeks later, my landlady reports that a cat she got from the animal pound is missing and maybe he ran away. She didn't seem to care much and I didn't care at all. A couple of days later, her kids aged 7 and 4 came to me holding a kitty and asked if I wanted to hold him. It was the same little black and white face I had seen through my front door a few weeks ago. I held him and from that point on there was no looking back. He gently licked my face. He was very thin even for his age and looked very hungry. Like most little kittens he was a victim of neglect. Everyone wanted to cuddle him but no one was feeding him.

I sighed, cursed my conscience heartily and got him the biggest can of cat food I could find. That little stomach could certainly hold an awful lot of cat food. From then on I was the de facto cat feeder. Toni ( that is his name since he is 2 toned) would stay outside my door patiently waiting until I noticed him and put his food out. He would always come running out to greet me when I returned home. It would be fair to say he is more of a puppy than a kitten.

Weeks later, Toni was a little sick and since no one else seemed to care, it fell on me to take him to a vet. The vet couldnt find anything wrong with him, but didn't want to send me home without making some money off of me ( I know I know.. there s a sucker born every minute ) so guess who paid the $150 to get Toni all up to date on his vaccinations. For a cat that wasn't even mine I was certainly going all out for him. I just couldn't say no...I had never felt this connected to any living creature ever before.

When my landlady sold her home and moved out, I was the logical choice of parent for Toni. Now in every sense of the word, he is my baby and I'm his mommy. Its been almost 8 months now and my whole life is divided into 2 phases - before Toni came into it and after. No matter how hard a day I have at work, no matter how rude the outside world may be. I know I can come home, hold him in my arms and everything will be alright. He was, is and always will be my gift from heaven.

Toni opened my eyes to the fact that there are bigger problems in this world than my not getting the raise I wanted or not being a certain height, weight, color etc. He has shown me time and time again that the best things in life are free and there is no greater joy than sitting on the porch with the morning sun in your face watching the butterflies at work.That little 8 pound ball of fur has taught me what all the self help books in the world could not. And for that reason my little Toni, Iam forever in your debt.

  Every day and every waking moment I miss you Toni. The way you played your ball board...

The look you gave me when I took you to the vet, you made no secret of the fact that you were 

Your love of sunlight......

and cardboard cartons......

I remember the day I took you to work with me. Yep, didn't get much done that day did I? What with my laptop serving as your personal heating pad :)

I remember your little kitten antics

And your adult ones...

For someone who hated to travel, you certainly loved suitcases....

How excited and happy we both were when we bought our first home...

I always thought we would grow old together, my little one. 
I could not add years to your life, but I do hope I added life to your years. 

One last kiss...

RIP my Sweet Sweet Toni. I will look out for you by the Rainbow Bridge...